• Agnese-Accordino---Strategic-Designer

    Strategy and research are at the basis of my work, I strongly believe in observation and insight hunting. The perfect output derives from different skills and disciplines, fused into design. I graduated In Product Service System at Politecnico di Milano, but my education culminated at Rhode Island School of Design.

    Agnese Accordino

    Strategic Designer

  • Alberto-Tonini---Lead-Industrial-Designer

    Alberto Tonini

    Lead Industrial Designer

  • Andrea-Serati---Lead-Communication-Designer

    Andrea Serati

    Lead Communication Designer

  • Anna-Bugna---Digital-Unit-Project-Manager

    Anna Bugna

    Digital Unit Project Manager


    Atena Bianchi

    Web & App Developer

  • Chiara-Dal-Maso---Graphic-Designer-

    I always aimed to explore the world, in order to expand my vision and my personal culture . I studied industrial design in Padua , and before moving to Milan , I worked in Canada , Denmark and Sweden

    Chiara Dal Maso

    Communication Designer

  • Elisa-Panelli---Digital-Unit-Administrator

    Lisa Ferrari

    Web & App designer

  • Emanuele Laviosa - Creative Director & Strategist

    I graduated in Product Service System at the Politecnico di Milano, after a year and a half of studies in China at the Tongji University in Shanghai I get the double diploma in Design innovation in 2009.
    I became part of the Madeindreams team after a working experience in Shanghai and as a Brand Strategist in Milan.
    Now I’m on charge of the strategic and qualitative research with the intention to give the design a User Centered value.

    Emanuele Laviosa

    Creative Director

  • Eric-Bevilacqua---Partner-&-Director

    I began to collaborate with the Alfa Romeo Design Center since 1995 until 1997, when I moved to Paris to collaborate with some transportation design companies, like Smart, Ratp.
    I was member of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio Team. In 2002 I collaborated with brands like Fiat, Alfa Romeo, BCS, Scuderia Ferrari, Ducati.

    Eric Bevilacqua

    Partner & Director

  • Fabio-Mosca---WEB-DEVELOPER

    Fabio Mosca

    Web Developer

  • Federico-Giuliano---Partner-&-CEO

    Sales & Marketing Manager in the automotive field, I founded the design studio MID-My Italian Design, based in years of experience collaborating with important design firms like Zagato.
    Innovation and research are the heart for my projects.

    Federico Giuliano

    Partner & CEO

  • Giovanni-Albertelli---Digital-Unit-Director

    Giovanni Albertelli

    Digital Unit Director

  • Manuel-Petrillo---Purchasing-Manager

    Sono nato a Milano nel 1973. Il mio legame con i Centri Stile è nato presso la storica “carrozzeria” Zagato di Milano, dove sono stato project manager per commesse automotive, transportation e product design.L’esperienza maturata nella conoscenza diretta dei processi di prototipazione e produzione.

    Manuel Petrillo

    Purchasing Manager

  • Martina-Caiazzo---Designer-&-Researcher

    I was born in the last day of the year 1986 in Napoli, I studied at the IED of Milan the course of Product Design, and graduated in 2009, developing a thesis in Transportation Design in partnership with the company ATM(Public Transportation of Milan) and Welltech.

    Martina Caiazzo

    Designer & Researcher

  • Massimo-Fagotto---xxx

    I’ve worked in the field of web and new technologies for more than 20 years and in the last five years I specialized in mobile apps. Besides being lecturer and freelance developer, my task here in Madeindreams is to design and manage the development of mobile apps and advanced web application.

    Max Fagotto

    Web and App Lead Developer

  • Matteo-Tonini---Web-Developer

    Matteo Tonini

    Web & App Developer

  • Michael-Tamburini---Web-Developer

    Michael Tamburini

    Web Developer

  • Michele-Radice-Fossati---Industrial-Designer

    I was born and raised in the Milan province, in a rural context, in which was transmitted to me the noble (and nowadays almost entirely lost) art of knowing how to arrange. That’s why I have a big background of practical skills, joined to the spontaneous observation for what surround me.

    Michele Radice Fossati

    Industrial Designer

  • Nataliya-Chernakova---Industrial-Designer

    In 2012, I got an MSc in Product Design in Business from Loughborough University, UK; and BD in Industrial design in Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts, Russia. Other than that, I employ myself within various creative fields, which gives me openness and lets staying in tune.

    Nataliya Chernakova

    Industrial Designer

  • Patricia-Tannouri---Graphic-&-Service-Designer

    Graphic Designer from Lebanon, I moved to Milan and finished my master course in Product Service System Design, Politecnico di Milano. I always was fascinated by service design and how it transforms the world of virtual design into a tangible experience.

    Patricia Tannouri

    Service Designer

  • Roberto-Allievi---Transport-Unit-Account

    Roberto Allievi

    Transport Unit Account

  • Roberto-Montrasio2---Design-Engineer

    Born in the suburbs, bred in Milan, weaned in Brooklyn.
    I try to balance my fascination with technology to a childhood
    passion for raw materials and artisanal skills.
    When I’m not trying to build stuff, i usually break stuff.

    Roberto Montrasio

    Design Engineer

  • Silvia-Foresti---Digital-Unit-Administrator

    Silvia Foresti

    Digital Unit Administrator

  • Sofia-Negri---Account-&-Project-Manager

    Sofia Negri

    Account & Project Manager

  • Valentina-Bazzoli---Web-Marketing

    Valentina Bazzoli

    Web Marketing

  • Matteo Baratto

    Communication Designer

  • Chiara Minotti

    Service Designer

  • Felipe Vanegas

    Strategic Designer

  • Luca Atanassiu

    3D Modeller