Collaborating with large companies
and innovating services:
a history in design

Coming from the automotive industry in 2004, Federico Giuliano, Sales & Marketing Manager, founded the design company Mid, bringing to it his experience in working with leading designers like Zagato. Research and innovation are at the heart of the Federico’s projects, helping hi In 2007, Eric Bevilacqua joins Federico as a partner and managing director. After a long experience working in the automotive industry at Mercedes, Alfa Romeo and other car companies, Eric brings a heightened sense of style to Mid, and a profound understanding of the creative process.
Over the years, Federico and Eric have continued their activities at Mid, focusing on the field of consumer electronics where they have developed innovative projects that have garnered worldwide recognition, such as the Sirio videophone by Alice for Telecom Italy, now in the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

The real turning point that led Mid to become Madeindreams came in 2010, when the two main pillars of the company distinguished themselves: automotive and strategy, thanks to the acquisition of Editel in 2013, already à managing partner for digital outputs (web and app).

Strategy and Service Design
The Madeindreams method focuses more and more on the research and strategy phase prior to the concept.
The added value of Madeindreams therefore comes from its ability to analyze end user behavior through qualitative research methods such as direct observation.

Madeindreams is able to identify weak points in the businesses of its client, by proposing business models that enhance the offer and value proposition.
The output is no longer only an industrial product, it is the natural extension of the service, in some cases more intangible and virtual services such as websites and apps.

The origins and background of the founders of Madeindreams have allowed the company to establish itself in the automotive industry, becoming an important partner for leading automakers.
Madeindreams offers high-quality consultancy and 3D modeling, and also involves itself in the training of young talents.